2018 Summer til Fall Retrograde Full Effect

 Have you been depressed? Anxiety ? Lost? Changes going on? YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY! As of Today July 17 2018 we have currently (4) Planets in Retrograde! Yes!! FOUR PLANETS AND starting July 26th Mercury Kicks In!!! 🌪🌪🌪 meaning it will be a total of (5) PLANETS IN #RETROGRADE!  Allow the universe to do what it needs to do this is the time to get to know yourself and so much more that words can not express. By Mid September the energy will start feeling “Normal” as the ends of the planets retrograde will be finished. Neptune will be in effect until November 24th but Neptune will only show us and allow us to tap in to who we really are. Neptune is the longest planet in retrograde this season. Neptune will know our beginning of the storm and our results in assisting us from the storm to the rainbow. Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun and what a wonder way close the year of 2018 with the 8th planet, Neptune spins its axis faster than Earth. In that being said Neptune is ahead of us and showing us our best of who we really are and can become. Neptune is the ruler is Pisces ( if you are a water sign) you may feel the whole storm lately with all the planets because of Neptune (water planet and color blue) many many changes has happened or will happen. In the mix of it all it’s extremely important to Sage, Meditate and are open to receive all the blessings that is coming your way! Make sure to check out our website site for cleansing goodies. LIVE TONIGHT TO CHAT MORE AROUND 8ish keep an eye out! TAG A FRIEND AND ENLIGHTEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE.


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