July 26- 27 Blood Full Moon, Mars Retrograde, Mercury coming in Retrograde.

Solar eclipse will mostly be seen in Europe and Africa big changes for everyone especially woman. Women will experience out of body experience and connect with your higher spiritual selves. They will also connect with the regions as mentioned above due to the fact that these regions or south and they represent spirituality and detachment from the body and spirit. This is the largest and longest solar eclipse blood for Moon since about 120 years ago. Full moons normally gap affect is three months and results in this case due to the circumstances of the large energy and impact full moon the results will prolong to six months of transformation and changes. The clips for moon is happening together with Mars and mars represents violence, action, aggressive, reckless behavior, intense and these characteristics are influenced triple due to the fact it is planet mars as well as in retro grade. As the moon and mars join together this will lead to pass karma dealing with aggressive, anger, and actions basically humans will be a boiling point in anger and ready to explode. Be there in the hurricane do not join or create nor be a hurricane.

We currently have four planets in retrograde. 
  • Neptune retrograde June 18 through November 24
  • Mars retrograde June 26 through August 27
  • Mercury retrograde July 26 through August 19
  • Pluto has been in retrograde since April 22 and ends September 30th
  • Saturn has been in retro grade since April 17 and ends September 6
  • Jupiter has been in retrograde since March 8 but ended July 10.
  • Starting July 26 Mercury comes in and total of 5 planets in retrograde.

A lot of Cosmic energy going on make sure to ground yourself every single day as well as use groundings crystals or stones to help you stay grounded try to avoid the fast pace crystals and stones as this is a time for you to reflect and analyze your life slows down while everything feels like a hurricane at the end of the day your soul deserves it.


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