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White Sage Bundle 
Each bundle is hand tied, string colors may vary. 
Sage removes good and bad energy.Sage is highly known for its cleansing properties and to get rid of negative energy and evil spirits. It's been used in many different cultures for centuries.

Sage is also great for cleansing crystals. You can use it on all of them, including the ones that are sensitive to certain types of cleansing (salt, water, etc.) Perfect for New Moon, Full Moon and any special moon that effects the universe.

White Sage is renown for its rich scent,purification and antibacterial properties. It is used to ward off all negativity.

Our "Celestial" Sage bundle of dried California White Sage is tied with string. It is a very large bundle and is approximately eight inches long and two inches wide.

This sacred native herb is used for fragrance, purification, meditation & cleansing.

Smudging is a Native American Tradition. Smudge stick are used in many religious and spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies to purify, cleanse, and dispel negative energy.'

Fun Facts: Kills Bacteria and keeps bugs aways