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Juniper is mentioned as suitable incense for ritual offerings and ingredients for sacred fires in a variety of European, Mediterranean and Native American sources. It burns readily with a pleasant fragrance and charcoal made of juniper seems to be suitable for burning incense. It is one if the very ancestral herbs.Used as a purifying and protective fumigant to ward off any unpleasantness energy/ spirits. Juniper is also a relatively common ingredient in Kyphi (Kapet), incense used in ancient Egyptian temples and household. Removes Dark, low and heavy energy/ spirits.

Jupiter wood may also be burned during divination. Also, create a safe space, protective, positive, healing space when the negative energy is removed. Juniper can also be used as a protective charm against troublesome spirits as well as thieves. The tree itself can be grown near the door or along the path to the house, branches spread out on the ground around the entrance or boughs hung above entrances.

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